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Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Banswara is an extension based agricultural institute established by the ICAR under the jurisdiction of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur to promote farmers for adoption of recent technical know how in agriculture and allied fields. The kendra was established on Ist April, 1983 at village Borwat which is 9 km away from district head quarter on Dahod Road (NH-113) with the acquisition of 13.28 ha land. Out of which 6 ha is under crop production and 6 ha is under fruit orchards and nursery. The activities of this Kendra are being planned and executed under the technical and administrative support of Directorate of Extension Education, MPUA&T, Udaipur. The goal of KVK is to have sustainable growth in productivity and income of agriculture and allied sectors which can be obtained by bridging the time lag between technology generation at the research institution and its transfer to the farmer’s field. Krishi Vigyan Kendra has multidisciplinary team of scientists who work enthusiastically in missionary spirit for under taking vocational training for farmers, farm women, rural youths and extension functionaries to update them with recent and proven agricultural research. KVK also involves in assessment and refinement of technology through on farm testing and front line demonstrations.


  • To test and redefine the technology at farmers field through on farm testing (oft).
  • To demonstrate various agro technology on farmers field through front line demonstrations (fld).
  • To organize various need based vocational and professional training program for the practicing farmers, rural youths.
  • To organize trainings for knowledge and skill updating for extension functionaries.

Thrust Area

  • Enhancing productivity of maize, paddy, soybean and cotton during kharif , wheat, gram and rabi maize during rabi and green gram during zaid season.
  • Increasing the seed replacement rate through promoting seed production techniques.
  • Diversification of existing cropping systems by promoting cultivation of vegetables and fruit plants such as mango, aonla, guava and conservation of genetic resources of mango.
  • Promotion of dry land farming technologies with emphasis on water harvesting.
  • Improving the indigenous breed of goat by breeding and management.
  • Empowerment of women through drudgery reduction in agriculture and animal husbandry, improvement in the nutrition, health & hygiene by using improved agricultural implements.
  • Imparting vocational training to tribal youths for self-employment generation on fruit plant nursery raising, fabrication of agricultural implements, livestock production, vermicomposting and agro processing of soybean & mango.
  • Exploring possibilities of aqua culture specially in tribal belt of Banswara.

Head of Institute

District Profile

The Banswara district forms eastern part of the region known as Vagad or Vagwar. The district was formerly a princely state ruled by the Maharavals. It is said that a Bhil ruler Bansia ruled over it and Banswara was named after his name. Bansia was defeated and killed by Jagmal Singh who became the first Maharaval of the princely state. It is also named so because of the bamboos (Bans) which were found in abundance in the forests.

In 1913 some bhils revolted under the headship of a social reformer Govindgiri and Punja which was suppressed in November, 1913. Hundreds of Bhils were shot dead at the Mangarh hillock where they were holding a peaceful meeting.

Recent News

Pratapdhan chicks of six week age are available for sale @ 90 Rs per chicks.

Coloured cross breed dual purpose strain are available @90 Rs. per chicks.

Plants of mango, lemon, pomegranate, sapota, papaya, aonla are available for sale in Horticulture nursery.

Meet the Scientists

Contact Us : Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Borawat Farm, Dahod Road, Dist - Banswara - 327 001 (Rajasthan) INDIA